...to the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System Coaching programme.

You’ve made a really smart decision and your coach - along with the System - is going to:

  • help you crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers,
  • get your business to where you want it to be,
  • and in the process help you to become a ‘professional’ business person with the skills and insights to run any business successfully.

It’s going to be a heck of a journey, and there will be ups and downs along the way, but the focus of your coach is to help you make meaningful progress each and every month.

You’re in safe hands – with the best support available to any ambitious business anywhere.

Now, before you embark on any meaningful journey you need to plan, right? And that’s what we’re going to do first.

Before we jump in the car and drive off we’re going to get clear on your destination, make sure you pack properly (!), work out your route and fill up with petrol!


To help you with this – and to get you properly oriented into the System and the coaching programme – you need to watch several short videos that Nigel has recorded for you and complete a couple of important exercises.

You need to do this BEFORE your Kick Off Call with your coach - for reasons that will become obvious once you get into the videos.

These vids, and the thinking you’ll need to do, are all about you and your business.

They are a critical first step on your journey.

It will take you between two and three hours to go through the videos and do the thinking required but you can work at your pace.


Some of the videos have downloads to accompany them and you’ll want to print those off to make it easier for you to complete the exercises. The downloads are available on the same page as the video to which they relate.

Your coach will review everything from the videos with you on your Kick Off Call before pulling together your Plan...

It will all make sense, I promise, once you get stuck in.

So with that in mind, click the button below to watch the first video...

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